Creative, Independent, and Critical Thinkers

Are you a creative, independent, critical thinker?

ASU Wilson ScholarsWilson Scholars are interested in a variety of academic disciplines, demonstrating the English student's incisive analysis, the business student's problem-solving, the artist's creativity, the scientist's spirit of experimentation, the teacher's dedication, and the social scientist's comprehension of complex social systems.

The Wilson Scholars Program offers a platform for students to reach their intellectual heights through high expectations and a supportive environment that includes academic advising and mentoring.

Wilson Scholars, with the mentorship and approval of the Faculty Director, create an individualized and transformative academic curriculum through an additional $10,000 scholarship to fund experiential learning.  Wilson Scholars select unique academic experiences from collaborative research initiatives, engaging study abroad experiences, impactful service learning experiences, and professionally appropriate internships. This experiential learning complements the challenging academics offered in the academic discipline at Appalachian.