Creative, Independent, and Critical Thinkers

Are you a creative, independent, critical thinker?

 Wilson Scholars are interested in a variety of academic disciplines, demonstrating the English student's incisive analysis, the business student's problem-solving skills, the artist's vibrant creativity, the scientist's spirit of experimentation, the teacher's dedication, and the social scientist's comprehension of complex social systems.

The Wilson Scholars Program offers a foundation for students to reach their intellectual heights through challenging coursework, meaningful service and experience, and a supportive environment that includes academic advising and peer-mentoring.

Wilson Scholars, with the mentorship and approval of the faculty director, create an individualized and transformative academic curriculum through an additional $10,000 stipend to fund experiential learning. Wilson Scholars compose unique, academic experiences that complement the challenging academics offered at Appalachian including collaborative research initiatives, engaging study abroad experiences, impactful service-learning experiences, and professionally appropriate internships.