The 100 Mile Challenge

So a quick update from Yellowstone. I’ve been here slightly over a month and haven’t died yet (please reference the book Death in Yellowstone to understand why this is a mild accomplishment). Overall life is good. While my days are very routine, wake up seven and in bed by eleven, I love the simplicity of life here. It’s a drastic contrast from my life in Boone.

When I arrived here I signed up for a challenge to hike a hundred miles in Yellowstone this summer and I’m pleased to say I have done 65 fun-filled miles. Recent hikes include a 12-mile hike with my sister that turned into 16 miles after a failed attempt to hitchhike. I also did a wonderful hike in the northern part of the park called Bunsen Peak. Labeled as “moderate” the 1,500 foot elevation change over the first mile of the trail made me question who ever labeled this hike. I also finally made it down to the Tetons for a lovely hike around Leigh Lake.

Aside from hiking, I have other exciting news: I had visitors! My friends Blair and Lauren decided to drive across the country and see me (while they weren’t making the trek just to see me, I like to think I was a major influence in their decision to come). A few friends and I drove down to the Tetons and camp with them the night they arrived. The following day we had a beautiful hike around Leigh Lake, followed by pizza in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We topped off the night with stopping by Grand Prismatic Geyser and several other thermal features, and a beautiful sunset overlooking Lake Yellowstone. The next day we hiked Mount Washburn,  a hike that in my opinion is one of the best all around hikes in Yellowstone. It showcases beautiful wildflowers and panoramic views of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We then headed over to the Canyon, and finished our day watching the eruption of Yellowstone’s trademark feature, Old Faithful. But just as quickly as my friends came, they left headed back to Boone.

While I have a little less than a month left, I know the time will fly by. This coming week I’m heading to Vail, Colorado to see one of my best friends. This will be my first time in Colorado, and I’m so excited to see it and experience it with one of my best friends. Right after that, literally the morning after I get back I’m heading to Big Sky, Montana for a concert and great camping. The fun doesn’t stop there, as my parents are coming to Yellowstone the following week for three days. By the time they leave I’ll have to begin to get my bags ready.

Sending love from Yellowstone,


P.S. Send Snacks Please 


Written by: Emma Labovitz

Emma at Yellowstone
Published: Jul 25, 2016 12:29pm