Exploring Contemporary Art & Design

The first full week in Berlin didn't start off well, 'cause on that Tuesday, my laptop charger got zapped by the difference in voltage here and we couldn't find a way to fix it. We went to this one store called “Mediamarkt”, which was basically a German Best Buy. They had everything from computer mice and washing machines to RV’s anything you could think of. When we got to the store, we were directed to a man that barely spoke any English and I don't think any level of self-guided German lessons for a month could've prepared me for all of his technical talk. Luckily a there was a man right next to us that was fluent in both languages and stepped in to help without any difficulty. Unfortunately, all of this was a bit of a wash because they didn't even carry that type of computer in that store, let alone it's charger (which would've had a European plug anyways). 

The most interesting thing we did that week was go to a museum of contemporary art where there were a series of art pieces that used many key elements of design; many of which I learned through studying for my major this past year. It was interesting because the way in which I think about art has somewhat changed since starting my major in industrial design. Thanks to those courses, I see many more of the ways that art and design intersect to make an extremely eye catching and masterful art piece. Unfortunately, I cannot share the pictures that I took of the art there due to discretion requirements; but I can share pictures of the cool building and space that the exhibition took place in. 

Clearly McDonald's is a master of franchise for there was also another one inside another building around the corner.

Written by: Sam Hines

Contemporary Art Building
Published: Oct 10, 2016 10:23am