Greetings From Berlin!

The first week of being in Berlin has been amazing. Sam and I arrived on June 1st and took a taxi to our apartment in the pouring rain. We were pretty jet lagged so we went to the nearby grocery store and got food to stock the apartment. Then we took time to relax and adjust to the time difference.

Our beginning days in Berlin were filled with learning how to get around and get familiar with the space. We spent a day learning how to get around on the u-Bahn (underground metro) and we discovered döners (a delicious type of Turkish kebab).

A couple days after we arrived we flew to Italy to meet up with Madeline on her last days in Rome. We ate lots of delicious food and spent a lot of time looking at the sites and catching up. My favorites were the “Colosseum” and the baths of Diocletian. We also had the opportunity to shop a bit at Celio, a favorite of Sam’s.

When we arrived back home it was the afternoon so we took some time to relax and I went to the bookshop down the street to eat a bagel and read some books. The street we live on has a lot going on, and we enjoy spending time walking around and seeing the different shops and markets.

The next days we spent going out to different events and areas around Berlin. We went to an art gallery and saw a showing of two artists, and then stayed around the area and explored Potsdamer Platz. The next day I got a haircut and we saw an artist speak at the Schwules Museum. We visited the Spy Museum and have met a lot of people in the area who have been telling us more about German customs, and how to be in the space.

Overall, the first week consisted of us getting used to living in Berlin. We’ve adapted to the space and are! We have made several friends and are planning on visiting some of the more touristy sights in the upcoming weeks. It’s been nice to get to know Berlin first, and now plan on seeing how the space presents itself as a tourist destination. We also want to continue to learn more history about Berlin, as many things have been shaped from the events of the war, and the cold war following. We are starting to make some art and plan on also visiting some of the famous art galleries. 

Written by: Sope Kahn

sam and sope
Published: Jun 15, 2016 11:38am