In the Name of Design

It’s time for that thing we do; it’s time for the semester in review! So here we are, junior year, strait messin' and being great at school or something like that. I kicked this semester off by taking the maximum number of classes one can take here at the good ole Appalachian State University, seven. That’s right--seven ENTIRE classes for a total of 19 credit hours. And let me tell you, it was… not that bad. Actually, the most difficult part was taking two production classes at the same time.

Now, what I mean when I say "production classes" is that both classes required me to physically build something for the final product as opposed to simply modeling something on my computer using a 3D modeling program, or writing a paper, or taking a test. Those are all easy things compared to what I had to do. I spent last semester studying abroad in Paris, France, and while I was there, I took every major class requirement I needed except for one, a sophomore level Industrial Design class called Materials and Processes 1. This class teaches the students how to build things using a bunch of different machines. The final for the class was building a cabinet. Most of my peers decided to build little things to go on top of tables and nightstands, but I wanted a large-scale piece that I could put my jacket and shoes in. This ended up being a five-foot-tall, solid-walnut cabinet. This probably would’ve been fine if I didn’t have to also build a working lamp for my junior-level course, Furniture 1. That’s what almost did me in for the semester: the stress of building two pieces of furniture was enough to make me reconsider my major entirely. It got to a point where I was considering dropping furniture design and upping my graphic arts and imaging technology minor to a major. But in the end, I decided to stick with furniture because it’s just so interesting and amazing.

So, at the end of the day, the past semester was a learning experience for both my abilities in academia as well as my limits of stress. I pushed myself further than ever before in the name of design. It almost broke me, but in the wise words of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter during her formative years as a member of the world-famous girl group, Destiny’s Child, "I’m a survivor; I’m not gonna give up." Spain Hines, out!

Written by: Spain Hines





Published: Feb 9, 2018 12:11pm