Six Weeks of Dance

Six Weeks of Dance

Six weeks of dance. Six weeks of back-to-back classes, of evening performances, of late-night discussions. Six weeks of building connections, of sharing sweat, of creating art. Six weeks of exploring limits, of challenging convention, of expanding perspective.

This summer I spent six weeks at Duke University for the American Dance Festival. I met pre-professional and professional dancers, choreographers, and artists, and interacted with them not just on a social level but creatively as well. ADF provided a safe space for each of us to explore our own capabilities and witness/create pieces that were not just controversial but stirred emotions within us that will never be forgotten. Meeting students from around the world and being able to hear about their own experiences gave me a greater sense of cultural awareness. Having the opportunity to be in such an open environment allowed me to choreograph my first full-length piece about issues we face in society today. I learned that dance is connected to so many things in life we just have to look, and it can be used in such powerful ways.

This was an unforgettable experience and having the chance to learn so much about myself as a dancer and member of society was life-changing. I am so inspired and I feel revitalized in my journey to explore dance and how it can be used as a service to others.



To see Juliet's fully choreographed dance: click here

Written by: Juliet Irving

Published: Aug 1, 2015 10:00am