A Summer in Yellowstone

*Yeah, that is my view every morning.*

A summer in Yellowstone, doesn’t that have a nice ring? I pictured a summer filled with bonfires, hikes, and of course s’mores, and don’t get me wrong I have experienced all the above so far, but no one told me how much work it would be. To give you a little background, my sister and a couple friends decided to eradicate the mundane of working a summer job by doing it in Yellowstone. My friend Lindsey and I would work in housekeeping and my sister would be a host at one of the park’s restaurants. It’s been two weeks since this plan became reality, and I have to say I’m loving it, but the exhaustion is setting in. The past two weeks have been filled 55 hour, 6 day work weeks. And yes cleaning toilets and vacuuming floors ten hours a day is just about as fun as it sounds, but I can now say that I can make a bed in less than five minutes and just to cue you in that’s a pretty big accomplishment. But aside from this rather strenuous job, I have learned a lot about hard work and teamwork. I can say I have never come close to working this many hours in a week, nor has the labor been this strenuous, yet I also have never felt the thrill of finishing a list of rooms before my time limit. The teamwork comes in when after you have finished your list and you have to go help your friend with theirs, yes I know rather grueling.

But don’t worry, my summer hasn’t just been filled with crusty toilets, we’ve managed to squeeze a few hikes in here and there. On my first day off, several of us did a beautiful nine mile hike around the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Hiking along the brim of the Canyon allowed for nine miles of great views, good friends, and a delicious granola bar waiting for me at the end. Other hikes we have done include Mystic Falls and Lake Overlook trail.  In regard to wildlife yes I have seen a bear, an elk, a bison, and even a porcupine, but I haven’t seen a moose, so stay posted. I have the day after tomorrow off and we’re going to hike Avalanche Peak. Described as an extremely strenuous trail, check CNN on Saturday to see if I made the news for falling off a cliff. Until then, wish me luck and feel free to send a care package. 

Written by: Emma Labovitz

Published: Jun 20, 2016 12:10pm