Kara Haselton

Kara Haselton
2018 Scholars
High School: 
Heritage High School
City, State: 
Raleigh, North Carolina
Interdisciplinary Studies, Photojournalism and Social Justice

"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin

Hey, friends! My name is Kara Haselton. A fun fact about me is that I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, where my family lived for nine years. This experience has immensely impacted my family, and consequently influenced who I am as a person. It's given me a greater global mindset and affected the kinds of things that I take interest in. It's given me an appreciation for all cultures and a desire to travel and experience the different ways of life around the world, which is something that I hope studying at App will enable me to do.

For high school, I attended Heritage High in Wake Forest, NC, where I had the pleasure to be a part of an awesome organization called Operation Wisdom. It's a non-profit that started thanks to one of my teachers, Miles Macleod, who had the goal of empowering young people to care about education and global issues and have the tools necessary to be global leaders. This organization quickly became student-run, much to the delight of my teacher, and over the past four years we have collectively raised over $30,000 for global issues such as the refugee crisis, human trafficking, child slavery, the water crisis, and other modern day conflicts. Perhaps more importantly, our organization has been able to advocate and raise awareness for the aforementioned issues in our community and beyond, leading to a lot more caring and informed human beings. For me, being able to be a leader in Operation Wisdom, travel to Ghana with them, and be on their Board of Directors has enabled me to discover some of my passions -- people, education, and social justice -- as well as learn how to help others in a sustainable way. This involvement, in addition to my extensive work with my high school newspaper, has given me a passion to help people understand one another and appreciate the beauty of life itself. I believe pictures and words are an effective way to achieve this, and I hope to pursue photojournalism in addition to studying socio-cultural anthropology as a way to continue learning, advocating, and pursuing solutions to global issues in college and beyond.

Outside of school you might find me having tea with friends, in a thrift store, listening to jazz, or out in nature. I consider myself a tea enthusiast and am all about affordable, fashionable, antique steals. I absolutely love jazz -- particularly '40s swing jazz, and find something about the simplicity of nature that excites me. I'm also a huge fan of art, whether painted, written, acted, or musical. To me, art is a great way to express oneself. I started my own art business in 2015 where I hand write verses, quotes, and sketches and sell them at craft fairs. I love doing this because it introduces me to the words that move people, and I get to hear about the impact it makes.

I’m excited for my life at App because I believe I’ll get to further engage and explore all my interests and passions and meet new people who share them. Not only that, but I know that the Wilson Scholars Program will be able to take me even farther and will give me unbeatable opportunities to learn how to better the world around me. I’m extremely grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson for their incredible generosity and to Dr. Mayfield and Ms. Andruss for believing that I would be a good addition to this program.