Nataly Jimenez

Nataly Jimenez
2018 Scholars
High School: 
Western Guilford High School
City, State: 
High Point, North Carolina


My name is Nataly Jimenez and I am beyond excited to attend Appalachian State! A little bit about me, I am a proud first generation college student and high school graduate. My family has always had my back and as I’ve grown, I continue to believe that they are my motivation to accomplish my academic goals, as well as reach for my personal dreams. I admire their backbreaking hard work and perseverance to give me and my siblings a better life than they had. That is what pushes me to strive to be a better person each and everyday.

I grew up in the small town of Kendallville, Indiana where the corn stalks grew high and Sandy’s soda shoppe was a short bike ride away from my house. I’ve recently taken a trip back to reconnect with my past and it has given me a perspective on the many ways my life could have turned out. I strongly believe that my life experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today. When I was in the second grade I moved to North Carolina. Overall, in my academic history, I have attended eleven different schools, which has given me a diverse experience in meeting people that come from different backgrounds and mindsets. With this experience I have learned that nothing is ever black and white, and that we as people should celebrate our differences and be accepting of one another.

I attended my high school for all four years, and I graduated from Western Guilford where I was in the AP Capstone Academy, Beta club, Tri-M Honors Society, and the Marching Band. My senior year, I conducted my own research study which explored the difference in student self perceptions of success between IB and AP programs. I played the flute in the wind ensemble and the piccolo in the marching band. I’ve always incorporated music in my life, since I was little I’ve sung in a Spanish choir for mass with my Papi.

In my free time I love to volunteer at Kisses4Kate, a non-profit organization that financially assists children with cancer and their families. I was given the Volunteer of the Year award in 2017, and in my senior year I ran a fundraiser through the Beta club for K4K called “Kiss a Pig for Kisses4Kate” where the teacher who raised the most donations kissed a pig for a good cause! In addition to Kisses4Kate, I also volunteer in art camps during the summer. I enjoy painting and my favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor. I love helping others and am always looking for a way to pitch in!

Fun facts about me, I am an avid reader and am always on the hunt for a good book! My all-time favorite genre is historical fiction, but I also have a weak spot for Sci-fi. I am super crafty and I LOVE learning new things. I also like to stay active, I’m a trail runner, and at ASU I‘m looking forward to joining a hiking group!

Although I am involved in my community, my passion diverts from the experience I have aquired by growing up in an immigrant family. I have seen the hardships my parents and extended family go through on a daily basis. I am determined to one day become a lawyer and contribute to an immigration reform movement that needs to happen in this wonderful country. Through an immigration reform, I want to be able to help many immigrant families like mine, who have worked hard in this county for decades without a voice.

I am ecstatic for all of the wonderful opportunities that I will encounter as a student at Appalachian State University. I will work towards a great internship, and hope to meet people who share my passion. In my life, I want to help make this world a better place, and having the honor of being a Wilson Scholar is putting me one step closer towards doing my part.