Spain Hines

2015 Scholars
High School: 
Cary Academy
City, State: 
Sanford, NC
Industrial Design


Hi, my name is Spain. I attended high school at Cary Academy in Cary, North Carolina. During my years at Cary Academy (and prior to them), I spent much of my time being a student-athlete. I actively participated in soccer, wrestling, and my personal favorite, track and field. I even won a good number of awards for my activity. When I started school at App, I had to make the jump from being actively involved in sports all the time, to being completely inactive altogether. Thankfully, the transition wasn’t that difficult thanks to the great opportunities and activities available at here at App. Plus, my major keeps me too busy to even think about sports.

Speaking of majors, I am currently studying industrial design with a concentration in furniture design! The sophomore portfolio review I passed is a review of a portfolio that displays all of the best work an industrial design student has created throughout their first two years within the program. The works include copies of physical and digital drawings created using programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, images of physical models and handcrafted furniture, and renderings of objects created using a 3D modeling program called Rhino. The student organizes all of this work to be reviewed, and if it is deemed satisfactory, then they can choose a path concentrating in either product or furniture design. I chose furniture, which also requires a minor in marketing. This minor adds on to the minor I’ve already chosen: graphic design.

I am so grateful to have this scholarship and for all of the opportunities that it has provided for me, especially giving me the ability to travel somewhere new every semester. So far, I have been able to go to Paris, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and Ireland, all with this scholarship. It has even allowed me to be able to study abroad in Paris, France for the spring of 2017, which was completely unexpected. I have met so many interesting and helpful people through this program including the other Wilson Scholars of my year and my best friends, Sope, Alia, and Madeline. I’m looking forward to a great few more years with these people, and I’m looking forward to all the great things that lie ahead of me.