Vicky Anderson

2016 Scholars
High School: 
Lake Lure Classical Academy
City, State: 
Rutherfordton, NC
International Criminal Justice

Hello! I’m Vicky. Victoria, if you want to get fancy with it.

When I’m not up here at Appalachian State, I am living in a small town called Rutherfordton, North Carolina. This would be pronounced RUF - erton, not RUTHerfordton, but honestly it just depends on how southern you are. I like to say that we exist in the grey area between Charlotte and Asheville.

I live with my mom, sister, 5 cats, and 3 dogs. Their names are Lilyrose, Moo, Kitten, Willow, Mindy, Chocolate, Brownie, and Hazel. We love animals.

I attended Lake Lure Classical Academy during my high school years where I served as both Student Body President and National Honors Society President and participated in many community outreach events when I wasn’t in the pool practicing my 50 yard freestyle. I also participated in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Mentoring Organization for 10 years as a mentee. I want to thank my mentor, Monica Jones, for pushing me out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions, and for never letting me forget just how much I was capable of.

I am majoring in International Criminal Justice and minoring in Arabic. I would love to eventually work for either a non-profit combating human trafficking or as a counterterrorism analyst in the FBI. I am a member of the Appalachian Student Ambassadors, a volunteer organization that serves the Alumni Association, University Admissions, and the Office of the Chancellor. If you ever took a campus tour, you met an Ambassador.

I recognize completely that those are some highly ambitious goals, but I am confident in my ability to pursue them because of this amazing opportunity that I have been given. When I was firstaccepted into the Wilson Scholars Program, I was speechless. I mean that too. I literally could not formulate words, and I hope that my temporary brain lapse was not evident to Brad and Carole Wilson, the founders of the scholarship, over the phone. I remember laying in bed the night after I received the call and I could only think about two things:

  1. My mom was not going to have to worry about sending me to college as a single parent.

  2. I was now not only encouraged, but expected to pursue my passions and change the world a little bit at a time.

Those realizations were both heartwarming and incredibly overwhelming at first, and in a sense, those feelings have never left. They have merely transformed from warmth to a slow and patient burn, and from overwhelming to inspiring. This scholarship has a talent for picking those with potential, confidence, and heart, and turning them into active and aware citizens who move forward with grace because we know that we will be supported in anything that we do.

I will always be grateful for that, and I don’t plan on putting out that fire anytime soon.