Are you a creative and independent thinker?

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Wilson Scholars are interested in a variety of academic disciplines, demonstrating the English student's incisive analysis, the business student's problem-solving, the artist's creativity, the scientist's spirit of experimentation, the teacher's dedication, and the social scientist's comprehension of complex social systems. Read more.

Do you want to make a difference?

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The Wilson Scholars use their ELF every year to gain new experiences at home and abroad. From dance festivals to Non-Governmental Organizations, these scholars are making a difference across the globe. Read more.

Is global learning important
to you?

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Wilson Scholars know that in order to change the world you first need to understand it, and to understand the world, you need to think about how it could be changed. As the Wilson Scholars Program continues to grow and enroll students, we'll share their stories of how they are changing the world. Read more.