Changing the World

Changing the World

Wilson Scholars know that in order to change the world, you first need to understand it, and to understand the world, you need to think about how it could be changed. As the Wilson Scholars Program continues to influence students, we'll share their stories of how they are changing the world.

Travel Sam and Sope

Each of the Wilson Scholars are provided with numerous resources and opportunities to explore the world and consciously impact the parts of the world they travel to. In addition to full institutional cost, each Wilson Scholar is provided a $10,000 Experiential Learning Fund (ELF) which is to be utilized over 4 years. Each first-year cohort of Wilson Scholars utilizes their ELF together, learning how to craft an idea, set a budget, and move towards a goal when traveling abroad. Following the first year, with approval from the faculty director, every Wilson Scholar is able to use their ELF in any way to better their global understanding and experience.


Check out where our Wilson Scholars have been since recieving their scholarship and what they have been doing!