Making a Difference

Making a Difference

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Wilson Scholars are provided with a scholarship that covers full institutional costs for four years as well as a $10,000 Experiential Learning Fund (ELF) to be utilized throughout their time at Appalachian. The Wilsons Scholars are able to tailor the use of their funds to personal experiences that give them the opportunity to learn through service projects related to their passions. From going abroad or conducting research, to working with faculty or attending workshops, the Wilson Scholars have individualized their scholarships to match their personal passions.

Wilson Scholars explore a life-long love of learning and act with passion and determination to create a sustainable future for all. They see moral problems—problems of social justice—as intellectual problems that we need to think and reason about.

The Wilson Scholars push the boundaries of the classrooms into remote neighborhoods in North Carolina's cities and into the barren fields of the coastal plains. Wilson Scholars find better ways to protect our state's natural resources, find ways to close the achievement gap, and create sustainable jobs. They may even find a way to make health care more affordable. In all things, they make a difference. 

Wilson Scholars have utilized their ELF funds to experience many different things over the course of thier college careers. From involvement in dance festivals to Non-Governemntal Organizations, these scholars are making a difference across the globe.

Learn what our current scholars are doing worldwide, click here.


“Making a difference is the only thing that matters.” – Carole Wilson ’75