Becoming a Working Adult

So this is what being a working adult is like…

This summer, at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC), I am spending 10 weeks as a Cost Accounting Intern. Brad Wilson provided me with this amazing opportunity because of my interest in working in finance and insurance (which are my majors).  I was also fortunate enough to receive the CPCU-Loman scholarship for insurance interns which Dr. Marlett, our faculty director, informed me of.

In addition to the scholarship I am saving money by sharing an apartment with two of my friends from N.C. School of Science and Math (NCSSM). They are both working and taking summer classes at UNC Chapel Hill. I work 8am to 5pm every weekday and now am almost completely independent from my parents this summer.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has a rich internship program with interns from across the state working in many different areas across the company. I am in the finance department and my primary responsibilities include keeping track of administrative costs. The company is divided into cost centers and the costs are allocated to different lines of the business. I have been working on surveying different cost centers and a lot of work with spreadsheets that my team members have needed help with. Throughout the internship program, we have had the opportunity to have “lunch and learns” with every member of the senior leadership team at BCBSNC, had professional development classes, and had social events including a Durham Bulls game. I was even in a safety video and learned CPR! It has been a great learning experience and I have made some great connections with other interns, employees of BCBSNC, and other friends along the way.

This has been my first experience living on my own, managing my own money, and being responsible for my time. I have heard that when you are young you have time and energy but no money, when you are middle-aged you have energy and money but no time, and when you are elderly you have money and time but no energy. This summer I have been fortunate to have all three to an extent and have learned some new responsibilities while also having a ton of fun!

Every day after work I spend time with friends or take advantage of the BCBSNC gym. I have reunited with many of my high school friends (both NCSSM and Owen High), my boyfriend, friends from Appalachian, and new friends in the Triangle area.  I have attended NCSSM graduation, taken a weekend trip to Hendersonville, gone shopping, visited my dad in Asheville, gone to Durham Bulls games, spent time with my boyfriend’s family, gone to the Asheboro Zoo, gone rock climbing, visited my best friend in Greenville (SC), gone to the farmer’s market, watched movies, seen an American Dance Festival performance, practiced for color guard, gone to an outdoor concert, taken a trip to Sunset Beach for 4th of July weekend, watched fireworks, met families and friends of friends, gone contra dancing several times, and tried some awesome restaurants in the Triangle. I look forward to a trip to Lake James, the Wilson Scholars’ trip to NYC at the Appalachian loft, a Pi Sigma Epsilon fraternity event in Charlotte, attending a Drum Corps International performance, and band camp before heading back to school. 

Written by: Alia Dahlan

BCBSNC Group Picture
Published: Jul 19, 2016 2:25pm