Cultural Immersion

It was a summer of moon-balance, something I’d been needing for a while. For all of June and July, I lived in a cobwebby barn at the base of a narrow valley, surrounded by children who believe in magic and who saw me as the fairy I believe I can be. Each morning started before dawn with a rooster crow and a squeaky kitchen door, and each evening ended in a flashlight walk back to my hammock in the barn.

In June, I took a breadmaking class with the master baker, Tara Jensen, of Smoke Signals Bakery. Ever since, I’ve been caught in the magic and metaphors of culture (as in humankind and as in bacteria!)... Culture is simply a compilation of history, manifested as new life and new growth, over and over again, with new additions and subtractions, always changing. Becoming more intricate with age, but still as unique as it was at the very beginning.

A few years ago, I took a mead-making class where the instructor stirred her brew with a wooden spoon that she had been using for decades. The mere touch of the spoon contained enough wild yeasts to ferment the new solution. Can you imagine the communities that spoon has touched or what that spoon is worth? It’s a lifetime of brewing, a long history of culture, the potential catalyst for infinite reactions and infinite meals. That kind of magic is the most powerful, the most meaningful lesson and practice that I know.

Well, all of that being said, this summer has been an taste of the real life that I am creating for myself:

To create and foster a space for a real life.

To practice courage and compassion.

To revel in our wildness.

To learn from the life around us and the life within us.

To know our roots.

To explore with abandon.

To try hard and fail anyway.

To form and nurture a relationship with the land and those who inhabit it.

To tread softly.

And to yell loudly if you feel like it.

We are here to be astonished and challenged and loved fiercely.

We are here to have an adventure.

And to simply be.

Written by: Gracie Bowling


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Published: Sep 19, 2017 2:31pm