Reaching New Heights

The City to Mountains Student Exchange provides the opportunity for inner-city, middle and high school students to visit Boone, North Carolina for a weekend of outdoor education and leadership development at no cost to them. We aim to develop the scholars’ teamwork and leadership skills as they tackle new challenges like rock climbing, spending the night in cabins, preparing meals together, playing games, and ultimately making the trek to the summit of Table Rock Mountain in the Pisgah National Forest. By offering this opportunity to students completely free of cost, we hope to inspire participants to move mountains in their own lives and to facilitate meaningful change in the communities around them.

Opportunities can be found all around us and, at many times, right in front of us. Often times, however, they are tough to see, especially when one has a lack of experiences and exposure to new and different things. With this in mind, we aim to give the Scholars the experience and practice with leadership development and teamwork, while exposing them to the possibility of secondary education and the beauty of the natural world outside of the city. We hope to inspire them to see and take these opportunities in their life as the participants head into high school. As Wilson Scholars, we all feel that we have been given a great opportunity, and we want to put our efforts towards creating opportunities for others to learn, grow ,and build a better future.

An article featuring the City to Mountains Student Exchange and highlighting the Global Peacebuilding Award that funded the program has been published on the Appalachian Today news page. Read more here.

“The amount of times I heard the students saying they wanted to go to college was phenomenal. I had never seen so much excitement about going to school!”

- Jabari Moore, Wilson Scholar


City to Mountains Scholars and volunteers take a photo on the football field at Kidd Brewer Stadium.


City to Mountains Scholars and volunteers take a photo at the summit of Table Rock Mountain after lunch.

Published: Jan 23, 2019 4:27pm