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The Semester of Achievement
Aug 10, 2018

Although I might have had many overwhelming duties, I feel like I have accomplished a lot this semester.

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Planning My Future
Jul 24, 2018

This past semester allowed me to learn more about myself, my major, and pushed me to start planning for an upcoming study abroad trip.

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Running Home to Appalachian
Dec 14, 2017

As I come to the conclusion of my first semester at Appalachian, I am amazed at how much this college experience has exceeded the already-high... Wilson Scholars' Blog

alia in australia

Life Lessons from a Semester Abroad
Nov 10, 2017

This past summer was a little different for me because the Australian semester runs into the what we call summer here in Boone.

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madeline in china

Conversations in China
Nov 10, 2017

This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to China with the Holland Fellows Program.

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art in action

Art in Action
Nov 3, 2017

This semester I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to start a new organization called Art in Action, and so far, we’ve had two awesome m

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Fall Break Alternative Service Experience
Oct 20, 2017

Over the recent fall break, I had the opportunity to co-lead an Alternate Service Experience with a fellow Wilson Scholar and great friend, Emma... Wilson Scholars' Blog

CTM 2017

2017 City to Mountains Student Exchange
Oct 6, 2017

This past weekend, Jabari, Sarah, and I spent upwards of 12 hours in rental minivans with eight wonderfully rowdy Charlotte middle schoolers as... Wilson Scholars' Blog

cultural immersion

Cultural Immersion
Sep 19, 2017

It was a summer of moon-balance, something I’d been needing for a while.

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sarah in dc

Summer in the City I Love
Sep 6, 2017

This summer was an incredibly busy one for me.

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A Whirlwind Summer
Aug 23, 2017

This past summer has been a whirlwind of many months of planning finally coming together.

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jabari pic

Serve, Inspire, Change
Jul 15, 2017

This year I was  selected to be a Bank of America Student Leader, a national internship program that accepts less than 5% of its applicants a

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