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The Semester of Achievement
Aug 10, 2018

Although I might have had many overwhelming duties, I feel like I have accomplished a lot this semester.

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Planning My Future
Jul 24, 2018

This past semester allowed me to learn more about myself, my major, and pushed me to start planning for an upcoming study abroad trip.

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Contemporary Art Building

Exploring Contemporary Art & Design
Oct 10, 2016

The first full week in Berlin didn't start off well, 'cause on that Tuesday, my laptop charger got zapped by the difference in voltage here and... Wilson Scholars' Blog

Sarah in DC

Grassroots to Government
Oct 5, 2016

Not everyone gets the opportunity to have a sneak peek into their future during their third year of college; however, as a political science... Wilson Scholars' Blog

Italy Street

First Days and Time Traveling in Rome
Sep 20, 2016

The first few days spent in Germany were a blur.

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Jake Powell

The Freshman Experience - Part One
Aug 29, 2016

My college experience has just started and I don’t think that I could be more excited!

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Freedom Schooling
Aug 1, 2016

“See a book, grab a book, read a book, aye!!!” “Are you hype? Are you hype?”

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Emma at Yellowstone

The 100 Mile Challenge
Jul 25, 2016

So a quick update from Yellowstone.

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BCBSNC Group Picture

Becoming a Working Adult
Jul 19, 2016

So this is what being a working adult is like…

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A Summer in Yellowstone
Jun 20, 2016

*Yeah, that is my view every morning.*

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sam and sope

Greetings From Berlin!
Jun 15, 2016

The first week of being in Berlin has been amazing. Sam and I arrived on June 1st and took a taxi to our apartment in the pouring rain.

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Six Weeks of Dance
Aug 1, 2015

Six Weeks of Dance Wilson Scholars' Blog