Emma Labovitz

Emma Labovitz
2014 Scholars
High School: 
Salisbury High School
City, State: 
Salisbury, North Carolina
Global Studies, Political Science


My freshman year, I decided to go out for an organization called the Appalachian State Student Ambassadors. This organization works with the Alumni Association, University Admissions, and the Office of the Chancellor. After a rigorous application and interview process, I was selected to join this organization. The most obvious thing this organization does is give tours, but I have learned there are many other ways to serve and grow within this organization. As CFD Business liaison, I work closely with the Can Food Drive (CFD) and am in the process of helping plan one of the largest can food drive on Appalachian's campus. Aside from that, I am in the process of planning, with two fellow Ambassadors, what we hope to be one of the largest runs and philanthropic events that the Ambassadors will host. Aside from those clubs, I worked with the Students with Diverse Abilities organization, serving as a peer mentor.

Outside of campus, I have been able to expand on my love of traveling and travel to three continents and four countries. I started off the year traveling to Paris with the fellow Wilson Scholars and explored the identity crisis that the French are facing. Over Christmas break, I went to Israel and explored my Jewish identity through a program called Birthrights. Over spring break, I went to Ecuador on an Alternative Service Experience (ASE). ASEs are run through the community service office on campus, and it allowed myself and 12 of my peers traveled to Ecuador and host an English immersion camp. Finally, this summer I went to Chennai, India. While there, I worked with a non-profit that focuses on helping victims of sex trafficking. This was one of the most challenging experiences I ever faced, but during my time there I learned more about myself and humanity than I ever expected.

 I will continue with many of my commits from past years, but I am excited to grow as an individual. I am taking on an internship with the Peace Corp as a campus ambassador. With this, I will serve as an on-campus representative for the Peace Corp and facilitate many opportunities for students to learn about this amazing program.