Sope Kahn

2015 Scholars
High School: 
Chapel Hill High School
City, State: 
Chapel Hill, NC
Studio Art

My name is Sope Kahn and I graduated from Appalachian State University in May, 2020 with my degrees in both Art Education BFA and Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies BA. I graduated as well in the Honors College, which equipped me with critical thinking skills and lifelong friendships. I am currently teaching my first year as an elementary art teacher in Davidson County, North Carolina.

I cannot be thankful enough for the wonderful opportunity granted to me by Brad and Carol Wilson, which allowed me to attend Appalachian State University for free. In addition to their generous gift, I also had the opportunity to travel with additional funds that they provided. I have been able to travel to France, South Africa, and Germany throughout my college years, thanks to the Wilsons. I learned about art, people, and language through these experiences.

Overall, I have learned and grown incredibly from my experiences at App State. I appreciate my mentors, teachers, and friends for supporting me along the way. Opportunities included participating in research as an assistant, teaching art through Penland at the AMCI (Avery Mitchell Correctional Institution), writing a thesis, and participating in presentations at regional conferences. At this point in my life, I am focusing on being the best art teacher I can be, and spending lots of time with my wonderful cat, Luca.